WILLOW _ Villain Reveal Trailer (2022)

WILLOW _ Villain Reveal Trailer (2022)
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27 thoughts on “WILLOW _ Villain Reveal Trailer (2022)

  1. I remember going to see Willow when it came out in the cinema with my family… still one of my favourite movies.

    I sadly have the feeling that this will be another horrendous display of terrible writing and cheap CGI that will soil a good memory.
    I know the studios remake/bring back movies/sequels. they are not looking to please me.. hoping it will appeal to the new gen or maybe if I have kids ill bring them along and while I might hate it they will love it etc etc
    More time spent on being woke and diverse and increasingly less time on writing a good script.

  2. опять очередная шляпа оторванная от реальности для запудривания мозгов

  3. They might've been able to make a good 2hr movie out of this, but a series? Nah, Disney uses too many hack writers to pump out content, and they've shown they can't write more than 1-2 good episodes before everything starts to fall apart. Sometimes they can't even do that much (She-Hulk).

  4. Well Disney has ruined a lot of what they’ve done since the last Avengers, I sincerely hope they do a great job with this.

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  6. More Lucasfilm boring progressive drivel. When will these people make a real film like in the old days? And on top of that it's a bloody series!! Jesus wept…

  7. I can’t wait to see this next Willow movie…..I loved the first Willow and it has some of the same characters…..yay!!!!

  8. When is disney gonna learn. You dont need expensive cgi and fx to make a great story. The original willow was outstanding without so much saturation of fakery and had better acting. Yeah yeah its a sequal but just having a story to tell doesnt make it a good one. We will see.

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