Why it's OK to say the word "black" | Sophie Duker at Live at the Apollo – BBC

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Stand up comedy at the Hammersmith Apollo. Liverpudlian comedian Chris McCausland hosts the first episode of the series, welcoming comedians Sophie Duker and Emmanuel Sonubi to the stage.

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41 thoughts on “Why it's OK to say the word "black" | Sophie Duker at Live at the Apollo – BBC

  1. I just say Black. I’m white but I grew up attending a church where 80% Black people. So, that’s just me.
    Though, I do say mixed race. The harder one for me is Chinese, Japanese, Thai, because to me there are no clues and folk get very offended if you say to a Japanese person, are you from China or…
    Also, I’ve had a few problems with India/Pakistan/Kashmir. I honestly can’t tell.

  2. Enough of the political correctness crap. If a person is black you call them black, if they are white you call them white. Everyone needs to grow up and stop being childish.

  3. She seems lovely! I think I would have said brown for colour but black for race…but that's only cos I'm very literal!

  4. Americans need to learn 1 thing
    Everything is allowed in conversation. If a black person feels attacked because of the Word black then he is mentaly not steady and you should clearly ignore him since black people use the word white in every situation they can use(my personal experience)
    Same for the N word. No one is every allowed to say it since its a word we dont need in our language but if black people use it while forbid you to say it then theyre definetly not better then the slaverys back in the Days. We are Humans, colors or Nations are so irrelevant.
    Want equality? Live it – dont talk about it.

  5. Take a moment to scroll through the comments here – a real gammon-fest. It's clear what the clip is all about from the thumbnail, so they're only here for the jeer. Bad joke, not sorry.

  6. This is so stupid. If someone’s black then they are. No one has any issue calling white people white, if someone’s black just call them black

  7. Labels like Black, White, and Asian only make sense outside of their contexts. In Britain Sophie is Black, but I'm not White.

  8. I am sort of pink, not white. Black is not a colour, white is not a colour. White reflects all the radiation from the sun, black absorbers and does not radiate. Are we not human? Absorb or radiate?

  9. We all say black nowadays it’s the norm. Nowt new here. I love Lawrence Fox . What’s the reference about? Who really minds what colour people are? Remember when labour were in power and we weren’t allowed to say black bin bags, or sing ba ba black sheep in nursery- they made the word black uncomfortable and thank goodness it’s normal to say it

  10. My late mother always used to call black people, whether African, Caribbean, West Indian, Indian, Pakistani or whatever, “coloured people!”.

    Many was the time she asked me to get things from “the coloured man’s shop!”.

    I’m surprised she didn’t refer to a coloured and white telly, or The Coloured And White Minstrel Show!

  11. Yea I am very proud of my skin color, I am black and that can't define me at all despite some people wanna shift it this is one of the best colors made by God.

  12. No it is not okay. If we cannot make jokes about being black, then you cannot make jokes about being black, and expect us to laugh at them.

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