VESPER Trailer (2022)

VESPER Trailer (2022) Eddie Marsan, Sci-Fi Movie HD
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36 thoughts on “VESPER Trailer (2022)

  1. Unfortunately this is a movie and not a mini-series on Netflix. So much going on that looks fantastic but will have to fit into 2-3 hrs 🙁

  2. Pls make more sci fi type movie like this! We dont necesseraly want big fight and all, we want an intersting and intriguing world exactly like the trailer show us. Cant wait!

  3. Looks really great and inventive. However, I wish they would quit using that same TED talk music for these trailers. Surely this generation has a new John Williams in its ranks.

  4. Can we have ONE fucking movie without someone wearing a mask? Enough with the Covid bullshit. Move on.

  5. That looks badass! And its an independent film. Didn't think they could make something like this in our day and age.

  6. looks better than dune, and a million times better than the new Jurassic park dog trash woke garbage, star lord puts his hands up and all dinosaurs freeze plot hole trash, worst edited movie of a big box office ive ever seen wtf, took me 2 months to finish it. So mad he ruined the magic of Jurassic park, actually idk who ruined it but someone did

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