THE LAKE Trailer (2022) Extended

A child finds a strange egg and brings it back home. A Monster emerges from the lake and hunts down everything in the town.

THE LAKE Trailer (2022) Extended
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21 thoughts on “THE LAKE Trailer (2022) Extended

  1. แล้วประยุดไปไหนรถถังเรือดำนำ้หายหัวไปไหนหมด

  2. I love Godzilla and this movie looks like a bad rip off of the original franchise but let's give this at least a chance so we're still gonna watch it like why not? I'll decide for myself if this is really bad or actually better than our first impression.

  3. Well, I guess I don't need to watch THAT film, seeing as they ruined it by showing EVERYTHING in the trailer ffs! 🙄😅🤣

  4. Despite the Godzilla comparison, it seems this movie will deliver all the destruction and horror the former Hollywood movies didn´t. Dying to see this… 😀

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