STAR WARS ANDOR Final Trailer (2022) Extended

STAR WARS ANDOR Final Trailer (2022) Extended
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26 thoughts on “STAR WARS ANDOR Final Trailer (2022) Extended

  1. This is probably an awesome TV show yet (plus thousand of those yets) I will never understand the need of placing an AK-47 in SW universe!?!?

  2. I never really thought that the story of the empire, that non-Jedi/Sith part of the tale would have any real interest, but how could i have been ever so wrong. All it takes are real strong actors and a script that doesnt play the story to the tune of fantasy, but rather it own REALITY. This is a tale comprised of great characters played by great actors doing what they do best, its not a 'star-wars' tale as it only wears starwars as its clothing. its really something far greater.

  3. Don’t want to get ahead of myself, however if the people who made this and Rogue One, we’re allowed to make Episodes 8 and 9, the world would be a better place…

  4. I'm so afraid. Can Disney undo the damage they've done or will Star Wars forever be disdained by the fans that help create it?

  5. So it's a prequel to a prequel. Okay. But I really liked Rogue One, so I'm certainly down with this one. Looks like good stuff.

  6. I'm so thankful I was there in 1977 to see Star Wars. The fun and exciting Star Wars. It doesn't look fun anymore. Just dark and foreboding. And unlike 1977 Star Wars, the acting is the same as any other movie these days. None. No personalities, no drama. They stare at each other and talk quietly.

  7. Rogue One is everyones favourite.. the people in charge actually thought about what they were doing rather than the utter drivle we've had before and since

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