Predator Unmasked (2022) Fight Scene | Prey – Predator 5 Movie Clip & Trailer 4K

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0:00 – Predator Unmasked 4k Edited Clip
1:25 – First Time On Earth 4K Featurette
2:49 – Prey “Can’t Miss” Hulu TV Spot

Predator Unmasked (2022) Fight Scene | Prey – Predator 5 Movie Clip & Trailer 4K
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23 thoughts on “Predator Unmasked (2022) Fight Scene | Prey – Predator 5 Movie Clip & Trailer 4K

  1. So Arnold had trouble fighting a predator with military grade equipment. But this little girl is beating him with some homemade bows and axes. 🤔

  2. I mean …. do these directors and producers have ANY originality? I have like 10 ideas for an awesome predator movie, and so much better. Not always humans vs predators and done so terrible

    I must admit…. the one on another planet with the games was really good concept, execution not perfect …. but this one and the one with Olivia Munn (especially that one …. utter rubbish) are bad.

    You know, one of them can be about the Predators themselves, not always vs humans. Like a rebel 'nerd' predator fighting the warrior predators because he disobeyed their rules …. the backstory would be the predators are not actually all warriors, the highest IQ among them are devoted to creating weapons, spaceships, etc …. and they are told they are gifted such intelligence to use it, and if they ever choose the path of the combatant their god will strike them down and will be seen as heretics for ever on the run. But they are also seen as weak, and one of them is tired of it and was always drawn to being a warrior since they get the best houses ,women, worshipped as gods etc …. but it's actually using all the technology they created for them and they get all the props so this angers him. He goes rogue and is trained by a rebel clan and his combination of IQ and athleticism + strength is deadly and he soon becomes feared by everyone because he also becomes cocky himself and breaks all predator society rules, even the ones of the rebel clan that took him in. (some subplot about him wanting a female predator and the chieftain's son is after her too and she is promised to marry him, but is not interested in him …. and he breaks the rules and kills him in self defense when they have an argument while under the effects of a native plant that is similar to alcohol in effect). The female predator is killed off because of 'adultery' and so now he is on the run from everyone and super pissed off too. He finds his redemption by saving his clan from another extraterrestrial threat (maybe xenos but AVP is just so outdone at this point). Maybe the 'extraterrestrials' don't need to be some monster …. they can be advanced human/cyborg species and its set far into the future like say the year 3522. And they actually put up a fight …. but it has to be balanced, I don't want to see the Predator species as being seen as 'inferior' ever. The other robot species cannot be TOO strong, just good enough to put up a good fight. They just have more numbers and outnumber them 3:1.

  3. Yes it grabbed they girls neck but they like to play with the prey , and maybe he hadn't earned all the good weapons yet !
    Just a thought I like it I don't expect it to be so real cuz it's a movie . Right

  4. This preds face is just wrong, the mask was cool, but its not a yautja mask. Other than that, the movie was great.

  5. Had real low expectations and was surprised by good it was. Watched it multiple times already.

  6. As much as i really really enjoyed the movie holy holy is this one ugly fucking predator even for predators…. CGI mess honestly… somehow uglier than the predators ones

  7. awesome movie if there wouldn't be the original movie… first movie a squad of veteran soldiers can barely kill him in the end with a lot of luck (the large log hanging right above) and now a single girl with primitive weapons single handedly kills a predator … What's next? killing a Xenomorph with her bare hands?
    Again I do love the movie and without any of the previous movies it would be mega mega … if only she wouldn't be so absurdely overpowered compared to the guys in the original movie.

  8. I wish they made it more clear if the predator was choosing to use that lower tier technology or was it because this is supposed to be 300 years prior to the rest of the stuff. My mind is too logical for some of this stuff, first thing I always think is if you have the technology for interstellar travel your tech is so advanced there's no one you're dying to any primitive Earth culture unless you choose to. So even 300 years in the past, if they can travel across the galaxy, they would certainly still have those energy cannons and what not, so I was wondering why it was using the arrows?

    I do wish they would have a movie that gave more background on predator society and what not, give you a better understanding of their culture. I mean I know it's just a movie but I still like there to be logic in my fiction, for things to fit within that created universe. Like how this apex predator apparently couldn't shoot for crap when it lost the laser targeting. So their whole species and culture is predicated on hunting but the act of pointing and shooting a man sized target not that far away was apparently not possible?

  9. talk about unrealistic expectations… its really getting sad with the desperate attempts to be woke.

  10. Okay, it did hold my attention with the tension and chorography. Have a slight issue with her strength though. Seems unrealistic, though the clever ways of using his own power against him, and the rocks won me over despite this.

  11. It's good considering there are know recognised actors and the flint lock gun given to danny glover in predator 2 at the end off predator it tells you were it came from

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