NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2022 – 2023)

Have a look through the timestamps to find something of interest:

0:05 – GRIMCUTTY (2022) Hulu
1:55 – SECRET INVASION (2023)
3:46 – QUANTUM LEAP (2022) Reboot
5:53 – THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 (2023)
7:38 – ANDOR (2022) Trailer 3
12:05 – AVATAR 2 (2023)
13:34 – CONTROL (2022) Mind Control Movie
14:45 – SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON (2022)
15:41 – TEEN WOLF THE MOVIE (2022)
18:18 – GUARDIANS OF TIME (2022)
20:02 – ORBITAL (2022)
21:52 – CREATURES OF THE MIST (2022)

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2022 – 2023)
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34 thoughts on “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2022 – 2023)

  1. They should make that shocks on the Moon movie a part of DC comic book universe, 😎.
    Certainly would explain that shark character bad guy🤦…

  2. I'm down for all, but 2 have to go, shrk side is 🗑 and teen w is 🗑. 🍿 🍺 for the rest . Oh and extra 🍿 and extra 🍻 for AVATAR BABY

  3. So a Japanese horror ripoff like 'Death Note.' Marvel = boring. Reboot that will be woke and shit (Quantum Shit). They will kill 'The Mandalorian' in the second series. 'Andbor' will be completely forgettable some SPFX laden oriental shit and animated Star Bores. 'Avayawn.' I presume now they have done the water bit there will be snow and desert next. Too late after 'Squid Games' for 'Squid Saw' (Control) Atleast the shark one isn't pretending its something it's not, you know, good. 'Teen Wolf' also has to be dark and serious now. Not more 'Hunger Crap?' Ooooh girl power bollocks (Guardians of Time) The Crouching Dragon Fog looks expensive and forgettable What a load of shit.

  4. well nothing coming out next year worth a damn neither. Hollywood lost it's way, just trash even the marvel movies so sad.

  5. listen i dont think ill be able to get back into quantum leap again after the original ended with him staying as a leaper and never getting home oh spoiler alert yeah thats what happens i cant watch this remake.

  6. That creatures in the mist looks like a complete rip off of Stephen King's Mist, just more action and takes place in ancient times

  7. Wait till the woke mobs get ahold of all the asian movies that dont have enough diversity. In all honesty, the asian movies seem to be only ones worth watching, even with subtitles. Can you teach woke hollywood how to make movies again please.

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