MOON KNIGHT Trailer (2022)

The first official trailer for Marvel Studios’ #MoonKnight, starring Oscar Isaac.

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MOON KNIGHT Trailer (2022) Official
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24 thoughts on “MOON KNIGHT Trailer (2022)

  1. You're thinking the fast man to have died in The Avengers. You guys make a new movie with a new hero to the Fast Man, like Spider-Man.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٣ ص] محمد: If he thinks it's a good idea.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٤ ص] محمد: Add likes
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٥ ص] محمد: Talk about it.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٦ ص] محمد: Because Marvel Studio can see it.

  2. So uhh theres four original black SUPER heroes.Green lantern, moon knight ,black panther,Luke cage and marvel took two not to mention the death of black now theres luke cage ALONE.Im starting to think Marvel doesn't want any strong black characters in their arsenal.hmm I wonder why.

  3. Oooooookayyyy…
    This seems as close to the original Comics as Eternals was…
    As in "FAAAAR DIFFERENT from the source material !"

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