HELLRAISER Trailer (2022) Hulu

HELLRAISER Trailer (2022) Hulu
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25 thoughts on “HELLRAISER Trailer (2022) Hulu

  1. Funny how everyone calling this "woke" and crying about a female looking Pinhead don't know anything about Hellraiser. Pinhead is literally described as an androgynous being with a feminine voice.

  2. I'm tired of watching all these movies not being true to the original story. Hollywood (all the film maker still hadn't learn all these woke base story fails?)

  3. Are they seriously going to remake all classic movies with gender swapping females in male leads? No problem with female leads, but damn, come up with something original. Just another cash grab at the expense of killing a great franchise.

  4. go woke go broke. They not only made pinhead female but also trans. Also hulu is own3ed by disney who is in the market of grooming children.

  5. So pinheads a woman now what a sign of the times. I'm so tired of being excited for new shows or movies right up until I see the changes they have made. Atleast they let me know in the trailer so I know not to waste my time. Keep getting your message out there and losing money 👏

  6. "We have eternity to learn your flesh…'
    – Pinhead
    Needed to hear that to make this awesome…but it looks interesting all the same…IMO

  7. The only thing I never understood is this thing is supposed to be nigh impossible to open. But evertime someone touches it they seem to be able to open it. Other than that love the movies.

  8. Where the cucks that are gonna complain about a female Pinhead? 👀 Or the gaslighters with the 'Oh no, she was part of the series, oh no she is a different character' It is all the same … no more of what the Chumps expect and they will cry 🤷‍♂️

  9. The original movies were great because they were based on Clive Barkers books and he's an extremely underrated writer. I'm not even that into horror but his Books of Blood and short stories are amazing because they're written so well. I'm not sure if the characters alone are enough to carry this series without having a Clive Barker story as source material. I'm hoping this is will be good but I have my doubts.

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