Covid: New variant classed 'of concern' and named Omicron @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

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It’s Saturday, 27 November 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a new coronavirus variant to be “of concern” and named it Omicron.

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22 thoughts on “Covid: New variant classed 'of concern' and named Omicron @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

  1. For all the "big brain" folks looking into the "real reason" it's called the Omicron variant, it's a letter from the Greek alphabet or do you think Lrrrr from the planet Omicron Persei 8 is behind this? 😮 Better get the Planet Express team on the case.

  2. Except there are doctors here saying that the Omicron variant isn't as harmful as other variants and actually want to let it run riot so it can become the dominant variant and kill off the Delta variant but okay… 😬😬😬

  3. A LITTLE CRACK IN THE MATRIX: if the new variant Omicron has arrived, it could only be brought in by a vaxed person. The unvax CAN'T travel and enter the country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Surely it's just a coincidence that the WHO, at least up until now, has been using the Greek alphabet (in order) to name these variants/strains but then recently decided to skip "Xi" and go straight to Omicron for this one. 

    Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

  5. Masks are not required to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. To prevent any new variants from evolving, everyone should be fully vaccinated and go for a booster shot every 6 months. GUARANTEE no more new variants even without masks, key is booster shots on top of standard vaccination.

  6. An omicron covid positive person was in WESTMINSTER CENTRAL LONDON. But don't worry they have now left UK apparently The individual only went to a full in SELFRIDGES ate in several restaurants visited winterwonderland Hyde Park and caught train to airport. SO NO WORRIES IN THE LEAST ….

  7. Omicron, very similar to unicron the transformer eating planet of Transformers the movie from 1984!!!! whats next megatron?

  8. they don't know, but I do… it will not work for vaccines, so new "players" will need vaccines more than ever and the "veterans" with several shots already are back to zero… they will need new "boosters" once again

  9. I request people to call this new variant as Xi Variant…. because here also WHO working on the behest of China.

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