ALIENOID Final Trailer (2022) Sci-Fi

Here is the final Intl trailer for Alienoid.

ALIENOID Final Trailer (2022) Sci-Fi
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24 thoughts on “ALIENOID Final Trailer (2022) Sci-Fi

  1. First of all, this is 🔥🔥🔥
    I realize why this has so few views – if it’s not put out by Disney or Marvel the puppets aren’t watching it…..which is cool, they’re drones anyway.

  2. This looks awesome af!!! 👍

    Asian cinema all together are crushing it, while Hollywood is pathetic in all its wokeness!!!

  3. well that was interesting but defiantly better looking then most of the new movie trailers ive seen recently

  4. Omg! I’m obsessed with Korean movies. When? When? Will this come out? Please say this will be on Netflix! 👍✌️

  5. Prometheus and alien convenant is the best alien space exploration movie…
    It shows possibilty and chances that can exist…

  6. There's one way to do a mash-up: one minute it's a sci-fi action film, then it's a period mystic Kung-fu film, and then it looks like a techno spy thriller, and apparently a disaster film.
    If they had cowboy vampires they'd have hit genre Bingo!

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